What is next for Counter-Strike?

With the recent commercialization of the Counter-Strike franchise, I have been asking myself "Where does it go from here?" Counter-Strike has always had some what of a cult following, but with the addition of skins and match making, personally I'm seeing more first time players than I did for the Source launch. Nearly every day there is someone trying the hardest fps on the market for the first time. They have no clue that once upon a time you actually had to purchase ammunition for both of your guns. None the less, I for one am very interested in where the franchise as a whole is heading.

A few years back before CSGO launched I had written a piece about what the future of counter strike would be and would have never imagined what actually became of it. I made a point that players are judged on skill, based on a daily performance. Lesser known players are only as skilled as their last match (or maybe ever round) to their opponents. Yet now we have a global ranking system. I would like to say that I'm all for the ranking system, the match making, and the skins. They really do make the game more fun for anyone who isn't playing in a league. Even though we all struggle with the 64 tic serves, at least we are struggling together. What innovation is left though? It seems like adding anything else to counter-strike would just be over burdening a seemingly fluid, and simple system.

The only thing I can think of is new game modes, something like Payday. As cool as it is that there are new guns floating around, some of them in my opinion have been less than useful. I just want to be able to have my evenly matched AK47 and M4A1 with optional silencer back. I'm waiting for an RPG or landmine expansion pack to come out. Landmine, now that's not a bad idea, may as well throw in kill streaks, because lets face it we are starting to see more Call of Duty in a lot of different games.

The future of Counter-Strike is really uncertain but, I think Valve has things under control. They need to just make sure that they are focused on what made CS so successful in the beginning. There is no need to "COD out." They could always put out a new title if they want an arcade shooter.

I've got it! The next big update to Counter-Strike will be vehicles!



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